About General Secretariat of Private Universities Council (PUC)

PUC is in charge of ensuring quality of education in all private institutions in Kuwait during licensing stage and after operation. PUC also awards institutional accreditation to operating institutions.

The Business Challenge

PUC has a requirement to revamp Student Registration System and enhance it to hold out the high demand student requests during the registration campaigns. We have implemented multiple web applications on AWS EC2 with dynamic scaling according to the utilization along with RDS backend. This implies  scalable hosting facility which PUC does not have on premises.

The goal was to find a comprehensive  cost-effective approach that would keep the total cost of ownership as low as possible and provide adequate SLA and security controls.

SUHOB has implemented the below setup to run the new web portal

The solution includes :

  1. EC2 Instances with Autoscaling
  2. RDS as backend
  3. AWS WAF and Cloud Front

This approaches provides the below benefits :

  1. Optimal TCO  : Total cost of ownership
  2. Scalability.
  3. Simple Backup and recovery operations
  4. Application Security.

Link : https://registration.puc.edu.kw/